Union County Jail


Sheriff Mason is committed to treating inmates with respect and dignity.

The Union County Jail is primarily a pre-trial Holding facility where persons accused of crimes, who cannot bond out, await their court dates.  The Jail accepts people that have been arrested by Union County Deputies, Blairsville Police Dept. and any other state or federal agencies.  The Union County Jail also houses persons sentenced to serve up to 12 months and persons sentenced for more serious crimes until space is available at State Facilities.

There are 54 beds for general housing and 3 beds for observation, there are 3 meals per day served which include 2 hot meals and 1 cold meal.  There is full time medical assistance available with includes a LPN that is on site 7 days a week.  A doctor is available through Tele-med 24/7.

The primary concern of the Officers are the safety and security of all of the inmates, visitors and staff, while performing all the duties necessary to keeping the jail running efficiently.

The Union County Jail prides itself on the dedication, integrity and honesty of these Officers.  The Jail Officers work very hard and are willingly go beyond the requirements for their normal duties to perform their responsibilities.  It is because of the quality and dedication of these officers that we believe the Union County Jail is one of the best in the State of Georgia.

Sheriff Mason along with Commissioner Paris recently established a County work detail.  This detail consists of up to 5 low risk inmates that are closely supervised by a certified jail officer.  They are taken to County properties to perform general maintenance.   Using this work detail labor has saved the county tax payer dollars.

The Jail also has a program through Mountain Education for inmate ages 17-21 to earn their high school diploma.  The program is computer based and can be continued when the inmate is released from custody.

Civilian fingerprinting is available 5 days a week for Pistol Permits, Alcohol Licensing and employment purposes.

Mon, Wed – Fri 9:00 – 4:00

Tue 9:00-Noon


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This office maintains all incident and accident reports generated by the Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, all traffic citations are processed through this office and forwarded to the proper judicial courts.

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